About Us


Hi Chameleons!

I wanted to share the story of how I started the journey of creating my brand. My inspiration and love of makeup began in 2010 all because of the wonderful makeup influencer Michelle Phan. Putting on makeup is like painting a coloring book, you have the outlines and you just need to add some colors so you can see the whole picture. You don’t really have to follow the right shade to match what is supposed to look like, what matters is that you are happy with the result of what you’ve made.

As someone who appreciates the creative and imaginative world of makeup, I wasn’t still comfortable enough to be me as a guy wearing colors on my face because of what others might think of me. Fear of dealing with criticism from small-minded people wasn’t easy, but I have to learn to ignore them because I don’t need other’s validation for me to be happy the way I want to be. That’s why I created The Chameleon Sisters in 2019 as a reminder to everyone that Makeup Is A Form Of Art, and you can transform yourself into anything you can be, and we want all genders of all ages to Be Bold And Be Creative in their own skin.

Why did I choose The Chameleon Sisters name? The Chameleon has a fascinating ability to change color by adapting to its surroundings and I do believe that all of us should be the same, blend into our surroundings without worrying about what color or what we have on our face and body. The two chameleons represent us because you and I together can build a colorful world.

After many days and nights planning to build our brand, we started our collection with five beautiful Drama Queen 3D False Lashes and four She’s So Extra 3D False Lashes that are absolutely gorgeous and blend naturally to your eyelashes. Aside from that, we’ve added the UV Fantasy and UV Daydream Graphic Liners that became our customer’s favorite.

As we're continually evolving, we are dedicated to bringing you fun and exciting makeup that will boost your confidence.


- Christian Gomez